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President's Report



Do not adjust your monitors. For those who missed it, San Antonio recorded 1.9” of snowfall this month (reported at the airport). For those who missed the ’85 & ’87 snowfall, me and my 4-year old son included, this was truly an early holiday present.  Now, let’s see if we need a jacket or will be wearing shorts for December 25th this year. Predictions?

This month we did not have a regular chapter meeting.  Instead, we coordinated a refrigeration tour and volunteer event with the San Antonio Food Bank. 

We will be back to our regular chapter meeting time and location in January. January’s chapter meeting will cover humidity control in buildings, and will be our second Distinguished Lecturer presentation. Please register early, so we can ensure adequate space and food for attendees. As always, please check our website for future meetings and additional details.

I would also like to remind our members that registration is open for the 2018 Winter Conference in Chicago. The Winter Conference always includes the extensive AHR Expo, showcasing all of the latest and greatest HVAC&R products and offerings. 

You can register for the Winter Conference at the link below: 

Lastly, as another year end fast approaches, I am sure we are all busy with work and family. Many of you are considering charitable donations, and tax deductions for the year, please consider sending those charitable contributions to ASHRAE. 

Have a safe and happy holiday season. 


Best Regards,

Chris Delgado, PE


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