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President's Report


March 1, 2018
Shake off those winter blues, brush up on your bracketology, and come get involved
with your local ASHRAE chapter???

The Alamo chapter is very much at an inflection point. For several years now, we have
operated shorthanded, with minimal volunteers, and scaled back our efforts accordingly.
The Alamo chapter has over 250 dues paying members, but we have operated with
typically 5-10 folks actively running the chapter. We can do more, and if we don’t
change the status quo, our chapter will fold and close up shop. Imagine having to drive
up to Austin, or down to Corpus to attend a monthly chapter meeting (shrill screams off
in the distance, “What about my PDHs?”)…

However, this is not a doom and gloom message. The iceberg is dead ahead, but we’ve
seen it coming for a while, and have time to avoid a collision. We’re putting out the call,
and asking for volunteers to finish out this year and continue operations into the future.
We also have an opportunity next month to get volunteers trained right here in town.
This year we are hosting the Chapter Regional Conference (CRC). The conference will
bring together all fifteen Region VIII chapters from throughout Texas, Oklahoma,
Arkansas, and Mexico.

Each year incoming chapter volunteers are asked to attend the CRC, specifically the
Saturday morning training workshops. During these training workshops volunteers are
given all the information and resources needed to hit the ground running and be
successful. Want to volunteer, but don’t know what will be asked of you? Attend the
CRC. Want to learn what other chapters are doing to be successful? Attend the CRC.
Want an opportunity to network with other HVAC professionals, maybe with a margarita
or anticucho in hand (CRC will coincide with FIESTA week, and is being held downtown
at the Marriot Plaza)? Attend the CRC.

We have no excuse not to be well represented at the CRC, and to fix our chapter
operations. See a description of various volunteer roles at the end of this newsletter.
Before I conclude for this month, I’d like to thank Mr. Bob Frick for his presentation last
month on Psychrometrics. We had great attendances at the meeting, drawing in about
70 total, many of which were local engineers. Please keep the feedback coming, and let
us know what brought you out, or what future meeting topics you’d like to see.

Best Regards,
Chris Delgado, PE

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