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President's Report

What a difference a month makes, these recent April showers might just bring some May flowers after all. Since our last newsletter, I am pleased to announce that several people have come forward to fill next year’s open officer and volunteer roles. Thanks to those who heard the call, and thanks to those who worked hard recruiting (Travis McLeod).  These same new dedicated individuals have stepped up, and committed to attending the upcoming CRC Committee Workshops and Training Sessions. This will ensure our chapter representatives are well informed and better able to serve our chapter members.

For those who have not registered for the upcoming Chapter Regional Conference (ASHRAE Region VIII CRC) please consider doing so. Fred Gleeson has done an outstanding job of lining up several great speakers, a beautiful venue, and some lively entertainment. More CRC information can be found later in newsletter.

I’d like to also highlight some of our recent successes, and accomplishments. A huge round of applause to Brad Gilbert for organizing the annual Spring Golf Tournament (and Fall Clay Shoot). This year Brad has raised over $15 thousand dollars for the chapter, ASHRAE research, scholarships and the like. Thank you to Brad for his many years of service.

Last month’s chapter meeting at UTSA was a bit of a change of pace, covering local building energy modeling research and campus utility plants. Our chapter continues to build and strengthen its ties with the local UTSA Student ASHRAE Chapter. Our two Student Activities chapter rock stars Casey Bordelon and John Delgado put together another successful Student Roundtable now in its Fifth consecutive year. This event is always well attended by students and local industry, and this year was exceptional with 45 total attendees. Let’s try and go one step further now, and find these students some local jobs and internships.

If you are looking to hire college mechanical engineering students please reach out to John or Casey for some potential contacts. If you wind up hiring any students directly from the Roundtable Event or through the ASHRAE student branch please let the chapter leadership know. These efforts to hire local engineering talent should be commended and an extension of our local chapter services.

As always, we are here to serve you if you have any suggestions for meeting topics or feedback please reach out directly to me our any of the chapter volunteers.

Best Regards,

Chris Delgado, PE

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