I’m Rey Gutierrez, Refrigeration Chair for Alamo ASHRAE Chapter for the 2015-2016 year. I’ve been in the HVAC industry for nearly ten years. I’ve served as Past-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and President-Elect at our Alamo Chapter. I’ve always had a passion for our industry and hope to educate folks on the bedrock that is refrigeration in our industry. I intend to setup fun events for us to visit refrigeration in action and have fun! Hopefully you will join!

If you have any input or ideas feel free to share.  I look forward to seeing you at future events.


Rey Gutierrez, PE, LEED AP
Refrigeration Chair

Upcoming Refrigeration events:

San Antonio Rampage Hockey and Refrigeration Tour
Tentative date set for March 4th
Under Consideration:
Brewery Tour, TBD
Past Events:
Blue Star Brewery Tour, 2013
San Antonio Rampage Hockey and Refrigeration Tour, 2013, 2014
Last updated: November 2015